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Anyone else having trouble signing into Hotmail?

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  • Anyone else having trouble signing into Hotmail?

    It's been the last two days now, I am having lots of trouble signing in to Hotmail. Yesterday it took hours. I tried everything. This happening to anyone else? By the way, my internet access is fine with other sites.

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    Nope. Just was there, signed on easily and checked my e-mail.

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      Okay. I haven't been sure if it's Microsoft or something at my end but I am beginning to think it's my ISP again. Every now and then it has problems and suddenly I can only get certain websites. Then it worsens until I can't get anywhere and finally they fix it and everything works again. It's every few months, not that bad considering. I did finally get on to Hotmail this morning though it took more than an hour.


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        just worked for me too signed right in
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