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Single finger/stylus input on mobile devices

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  • Single finger/stylus input on mobile devices

    I have previously done threads dealing with ways of increasing the typing speed on my computer. I use a typing stick together with a rearranged keyboard. The keyboard has the most frequently used letters clustered at the center of the keyboard. That enables typing most words without jumping around the keyboard, which takes time. An app is now available that makes the layout available on android mobile devices. I got a tablet a couple of weeks ago and use the layout on it. You can find it in the android app store. It is named Multiling O Keyboard which was primarily designed to provide foreign language keyboard layouts. However they also provided the Chubon keyboard layout. If you scroll on the link pasted below down toLlayouts, click the link there, and then scroll to the bottom of this link. They have a picture of it. t

    I have also pasted in a photo of my tablet (Lenovo A8-50) with the keyboard. I have been using the layout on my computer keyboard for years and I think this is a great use of it because many people use one finger, thumb, or stylus for typing. It does not help double thumbers. In fact it would likely slow them down because of thumb collisions. lol

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