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Apple yanks iOS 8 update after series of snafus

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    Apple yanks iOS 8 update after series of snafus

    Apple yanks iOS 8 update after series of snafus

    NEW YORK ? Apple pulled its iOS 8.0.1 update shortly after releasing it following reports that it impacted users' cellular service and access to the Touch ID fingerprint scanner.

    On Wednesday, Apple introduced the update as a remedy for a snag with HealthKit apps and other maladies that afflicted the first version of the company's new mobile operating system software for iPhones and iPads.

    8.1.2 is clunky on new iPhone 6plus. Old iPad 2 struggles with this bloatware. Can't jailbreak 8.1.3.
    Upgraded iPad 2 so can run recent Pages. 7 was better.

    Too much bloat so buggy whipped beyond all reason. Still have root so can use as computer.

    Do we now have to treat Apple updates like Microsoft ones?

    Security/Reliability issues:
    Apple's been trashing iTunes accounts so users set up another using their own email and then lock our phones when that account also gets trashed.

    Don't need google play to install K9 Mail so thinking about changing users to Android.
    Long standing security issues with default Android mail which is why it was forked to K9.
    Can root Android phone if desired. Apple may be flouting the law.

    Android easier to manage even if we have to replace broken email on each device?