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  • Dragon Dictate 13 Do Not upgrade!

    I just upgraded to Dragon Dictate 13 from DragonDictate 12.51 and it has been a complete nightmare. First of all the upgrade is $99. Going through the install process you actually have to uninstall any previous version. By the way, I am using DragonDictate 13 to write this and when I tried to dictate the word "uninstall" and a program uninstall popped up for one of the programs I have installed on my computer. After closing it, I had to manually type in the word. Just another symptom of it not recognizing words. After getting it totally installed and testing out features I find it to be sluggish, unresponsive to dictation, and buggy(I could not save my profile I actually had to reinstall the program).

    There is no more training process once to start a new profile. I guess it learns as you dictate. There are also new commands that you have to learn. There is a tutorial that you can go through however I gave up halfway through because I had to continually use the mouse to turn on the microphone on to complete a task and also to advance to the next section. I guess they don't consider the fact that people who are using the software may not be able to use a mouse. Hence that's why they are using the dictation software. Not to mention all versions you still have to manually turn on the microphone when you first start the program.

    Supposedly, you are able to use an integrated microphone commonly found on laptops. I don't see how this is possible. An integrated microphone on a laptop is far worse than the one I am currently using . I am currently using the Amigo Cobra USB desktop microphone which worked perfectly with DragonDictate 12. 51. In the previous version I used to be able to say for instance "mouse move... click" once I got to the destination. Now I have to practically yell "stop" to make the mouse cursor stop at the destination. I also used to be able to say mouse grid and then the numbers of the destination I wanted the cursor to go in rapid succession. I can no longer do that. I literally have to pause in between each of the numbers. And putting up the "mouse grid" and saying the "8" quadrant is a 30% proposition at best.

    Many of the words that I dictate are unrecognizable. I am literally having to manually type the words in just to make the process faster. The dictation is also somewhat slower in some programs. Watching the little spinning circle on the Dragon logo waiting for the word to be entered is frustrating. You have to very precisely enunciate every word. In the previous version I could very the volume of my voice and mumbled some words and it would still recognize it. Not in DragonDictate 13. Also, some words that start with letters that are very "soft" to hear such as "p" are unrecognizable.

    As a quadriplegic and having limited lung capacity I am absolutely out of breath using it after two hours. Needless to say I am going to ask for a refund and go back to the previous version. Once again I would highly recommend that you do not upgrade to DragonDictate 13. You will be highly frustrating.
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    I seem to remember some discussion on this message board some time back about some software that was upgraded, and the upgrade was so bad they had to downgrade :-). It's amazing how often nowadays a "new version" is a lot worse than a previous version.


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      Thank You for the Post. was thinking upgrade to the 13. But will hold up now


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        I own a copy of DNS 13 Pro. After reading about all the problems that some users are having with this new version, I am not going to install this software on any of my machines. I will wait for a patch to be released or when I purchase a new computer.
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          Just curious, outside of the upgrade issues, how well does this product work. I want to get something like this for my grandmother to records family stories but I'm a little concerned it may not work well because she has a slight southern accent. What has been your experience?


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            Amanda, you would do much better to just audio record your family stories and then transcribe them. Dragon Dictate is software that you add to your computer. You have to spend a considerable period of time training it to the individual voice (your grandmother) and changes in voice due to fatigue during the day can be very difficult to deal with. It is not 100%, and also requires that you or your grandmother do a lot of proofing and editing of the final documents. It would also be lovely to have the stories in your grandmother's own voice to keep.

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