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    For my birthday my wife and daughter presented me with a Levo Deluxe Tablet Floor stand. This thing is terrific for those of us who spend time in bed, and in our chairs--which accounts for about 99 percent of us.

    Basically, it is a height adjustable pole mounted on a weighted stand that has four wheels for easy rolling. At the pole's top are articulated arms that have four tension dials allowing the arms and mounting tablet to be moved for the user's optimum viewing. The tablet is secured at each corner by bungees. The bungees and the mounting plate also allow attaching a smart phone.

    Yesterday afternoon I laid on my left side to relieve butt pressure. Before being hoisted into bed I rolled my Levo, with IPad mounted, next to my hospital bed. I adjusted the arms and mounting plate so that I did not have to put my neck, hear or eyes in an uncomfortable position for two hours of movie watching. What a great device and such a welcomed gift.

    For more info: 1800m928-2322 Mine was ordered from Hammacher Schlemmeker (sp?)


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