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  • Mount for Smartphone

    I'm a quad who basically uses my pinky knuckle to type. I have 2 questions:
    1. Can you recommend a good smartphone?

    2. More importantly....Suggestions for a good smartphone mount on my electric wheelchair? I'm thinking some sort of a swing arm where it is locked in place in front of me and I can swing it out/hide it when out of use. Google has given me some interesting options (RAM mounts) but I'm no sure what may/may not work for me.


    Ron Kinney

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    hi Ron,
    next month by a Moto X and Moto hint, then you will not need to mount your phone, etc.:
    I can't wait for this


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      you could see if the manfrotto family of camera and lighting mounts for photo will work for you. They have articulated monts, a mall or mini super clamp may make the attachment to chair.
      cauda equina


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        Mount for Smartphone

        I use the suction mount a lot, and have found it to be very stable. memo to self: wear the chest camera mount when bungee jumping . . .


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          Memo to self: get a copy of Dominque's video on his bungee jump !


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            Check Gimp Gear for some mounting options.
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              Ram Mounts.


              I've used one for several years, it works very well, is durable and has with the ability to adjust for a variety of angles.