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touch pad or laptop type keboard

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  • touch pad or laptop type keboard

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    Do you know how can I find a keyboard similar with this one? In the last 10 years I've used only laptop type computer because of their touch pad. Now I wish to have a desk computer, but handling a mouse is quite impossible for a quad with no finger movements.

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    Here's one, on Amazon:


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      Why not get a powerful laptop w/ a docking station? My laptop can drive two external 1900x1200 monitors and has all the ram and disk space I need. Unless you want to get a high end video card for gaming today's laptops are comparable to most desktops


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        There's one just like the pic..waterproof to boot.
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          Some; without control of their fingers, use a mouse by positioning their hand more forward atop the mouse. Rather than using their fingers, the two mouse buttons are then activated by the palm side of their knuckles. With the hand thusly positioned atop the mouse - the fingers extend beyond the mouse - a "left click" entails rolling the wrist to the left and then pressing against the left mouse button with the palm side of the knuckles. A "right click" is performed similarly - the wrist is rolled to the right. The flatter mouse shapes - the shapes with a less pronounced upward curve - work best in this alternative scenario.

          Incidentally, your keyboard pictures exhibit small touch pads - with a bit of practice the suggested mouse procedure may make matters easier for you. Scott's post shows a keyboard with a substantially larger touch pad area than the touch pads shown in your original post - the larger touch pad would certainly be beneficial for you.


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            What about a trackball? Just reverse the buttons so all you have to do is tilt your hand to click.
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