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Quad life: working with notebook from my bed

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  • Quad life: working with notebook from my bed

    Hello everyone,

    i'm luca and i'm C5-C6 complete quad from 1998

    i would like to share with you my personal experience about using computer from the bed
    Factory i'm working for ,provided me a computer software 'FaceMouse' which allows me to control pc mouse by a webcam that detect the position of my face..
    so i can move mouse cursor moving my nose...
    i can also writing e-mail or working with excel using Dragon naturally speaking software

    you can see how i can use it in my english subtitled video 'Premio qualit? sociale 2012'

    I personally translate and create english subtitles for the video 'Premio Qualit? Sociale 2012'

    to see youtube subtitles you have to watch the video throught a pc and if you still do not see them, turn it on by clicking on youtube captions button next to the gear button at the bottom
    i found a tip to see videos also with captions with a mobile device
    when you play video,you can turn on subtitles by clicking the icon which is
    on the top of you tube window video on the right of sharing icon.
    After this a window will appear with CC and HQ options, click on CC!

    here's link:

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