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What's the best headset for Dragon NaturallySpeaking?

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    What's the best headset for Dragon NaturallySpeaking?

    I have a USB VXI headset that I use with Dragon, it is starting to fall apart and would like to order a new one before it stops working completely. What is the best headset in your opinion? And do you prefer the USB or wireless? Thanks for your help guys!
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    I use I'm Andrea headset. I prefer wired but haven't tried wireless. Every seven or eight months I have to get a new and but then I use it so much it's totally worth it. The recognition with it is excellent. You can look it up on Amazon.
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      I am not sure which is the best headset for Dragon NaturallySpeaking. I would check out the prices and reviews on Amazon. Take a look at the link below.

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        The best I've found for under $100 is the CAD U2, it is USB. It take some adjustment to fit your head properly, but the speech recognition is excellent. I am really hard on my headsets and I think that I may have tried all the budget models being recommended by Dragon and other experts.

        Like all the modern headsets, the audio line is hardwired in so if your rough on your equipmen I recommend putting a loop in the line and taping it next to the earpiece. This way the line will not break as soon from being pulled on. If I fail to do this trick my headsets last about a month.

        The price for this headset ranges from $30.00 to $50.00 depending on the day.


          Plantronics 400 DSP, you can't go wrong. Excellent noise cancelling for dictation, plus a decent pair of headphones if you want to listen to music.
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