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video game racing wheels for para?

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  • video game racing wheels for para?

    I'm thinking of buying a force feedback racing wheel for PC racing (e.g.,, but would like an entry-level one on which I can program the clutch, brake, and gas onto the wheel (and back to the pedals for my wife). I've been studying user manuals for Thrustmaster, Logitech, and Fanatec wheels, but am not confident that I understand the appropriate features.

    I haven't gamed much since Space Invaders, so I am way out of touch. I think I understand that most buttons are digital, and pedals/levers are analog. And I think analog is required for steering, brake, and gas. Is analog required for clutch like in a real car, or do video games use digital for clutch.

    Anyway, for those paras using racing wheels, which wheels are you using and how? TIA
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    Have you found anything yet? I am looking for the same thing.


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      Have you tried asking at video game forums? Though some may tell you what you want to do is impossible without knowing. I have a friend with no use out of her left arm due to a stroke as a baby, and she's a big gamer. With many games she would ask about how to adapt the controls and be told it was impossible to play one handed, but figured it out in the end. So just because someone says it can't be done don't stop there.
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        I use a logitech G27 and a old flight stick for gas and brake. Most (not all) PC games will let you map multiple controllers. NFS series does not. The Crew, Grid, Asseto Corsa, dirt series all work fantastic.
        I am a quad so hitting buttons doesn't work for me. Hand stays on flight stick forward and back for gas and brake other hand on wheel.


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          Hook up with Wheelz Fatherington. I found out about him yesterday while looking for "Wheelchair jumping" on YouTube. He can probably tell you the best setup. He seems very approachable. Not a lot of hills here in McAllen so not too much jumping and too hot for racing.