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    Mov'n up to a smart phone

    I mentioned a while back that my geezerbug phone died and they wanted $79 for a replacement. I paid $19 for it on signup. Quality wise I am surprised that Samsung was not too embarrassed to put their name on it. But I could call with it until it died. In sum I was not about to pay $79 dollars for a $5 piece of junk that lasted about two years.

    Believe it or not, I got a quite good ?entry level? smart phone for $86 from Amazon and a great case for it for another $1.90 It is a T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 521. T-Mobile has great signal strength here at my home and some very economical prepaid, no-contract service plans that can easily be changed.

    Opening the box was a real downer. I could not open the back of the phone to put in the battery. You have to grasp the end with your finger nails and push down in the middle of the phone?s backside with the thumb to pop it off. The phone body is made of a quite slippery plastic, adding to the problem. Fortunately my wife came to this quad?s rescue. She took the back off and put a protective screen protector on, another thing I would not attempt. Then I put it in the $1.90 case with spongy silicone corner protectors and the slippery phone body was gone. It was smooth sailing from there and now I am loving the phone. It only has a 4? display but that is quite adequate for my uses. It uses the Windows Phone operating system which is unimpressive. I thought there would be great connectivity between the phone and my laptop. We have two computers and two printers in the home network that my wife and I share when necessary. With Windows Phone you have to use the ?cloud? to exchange files with the computer or to print something. My phone is connected to the Internet with wi-fi, but going to the cloud involves extra steps. Of course it is Microsoft?s way of sucking you into more of their service web.

    It has some accessibility features including changing touch sensitivity, display brightness, and font size. It also can do messaging reading and speech recognition for messaging that may actually work. I just tried a couple of sentences and it got them 100% correct. I hope that was not beginner?s luck. lol

    I think I will like this upgrade. For those interested, I posted links to my buys: When I got these links I noticed that Amazon?s price crept up $4 since I bought mine. I have a couple of pics to post but do not see a way to add them.

    Click image for larger version

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    You will find a guide to preserving shoulder function @

    See my personal webpage @

    Even some of the cheaper smart phones are becoming quite usable for those of us with poor hand dexterity. I can see as assistive technology becomes even more mainstream that most budget models of smart phones will be suitable in the future.