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Tuesday is the day of Apple's announcement of new iPads, iPods, Macbook Pros, Mac Pro, and iMac

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  • Tuesday is the day of Apple's announcement of new iPads, iPods, Macbook Pros, Mac Pro, and iMac

    October 22 is the day. Apple has issued invitations to relevant tech reporters and guests for the event in Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, starting 10 am PST, with the statement "We still have a lot to cover". According to various news sources, Apple will be announcing:

    • MacBook Pro with the new Intel Haswell Processor. The new energy efficient processor should dramatically increase battery life of the MacBook Pro from 9 hours to perhaps 12 hours (which is the battery life of the 13" MacBook Air from June 2013). Apple has already announced the new operating system OSX Mavericks for the MacBook Pro with a whole slate of new software and iCloud functionality. It is rumored that the Haswell MacBook Pros will be available by the end of this week.

    • iPad 5. This new iPad should sport a redesigned slimmer and slightly narrower screen. The iPad 4 already has a retina display and therefore there is much speculation concerning what else it would have. One obvious step up would be the adoption of the new and faster 64-bit A7 processor that the iPhone 5 has. Another is a better camera (8 Megapixels). It should be available on October 31. The iPad 5 may have the Touch ID fingerprint detector as standard. It is likely to come with a 128 Gb version. It will also have 50% faster wifi (802.11ac PCIe) and flash storage.

    • iPad Mini 2. The new iPad mini is likely to have the higher resolution retina display and also the new 64-big A7 processor. It should have a higher resolution camera (8 Megapixels). There is some speculation that the new iPad Mini 2 will have two versions, perhaps one with the faster processor, retinal display, and Touch ID fingerprint detector.

    • Mac Pro. Last June, Apple announced a new cylindrical Mac Pro desk top computer that is significantly more powerful than any computer that it has ever made. It would have the equivalent of 12 high speed processors and have dramatically better graphics processing ability. It will be one of the most power desktop computer that available for consumers at affordable prices. The release date is likely to be November 15 and will include server software.

    The general recommendation is that everybody should wait for this announcement before buying any of the above Apple products. When the announcement are made, you should be able to buy more powerful computers from about the same amount. The available inventory computers may be sold for lower cost. Do not go into the Apple Store and expect to pick up the new computers right away, especially computers with custom features, until perhaps mid-November.

    It is going to be interesting because Apple timed its announcement with a Microsoft launch of its new tablet computer system. So, a lot of people will be comparing computers and also trying to decide whether or not they will be buying a Macbook Pro of a Mac Pro, for example. The new Mac Pro will have a ton of horsepower with dual GPUs, three 4K video monitor support, and an array of high performance configurations, fast enough for almost any kind of purpose.

    A couple of far out rumors include the possibility that Apple may announce a larger iPhone (5 in) and a larger iPad (12.9 in), as well as a lower cost mini iPad. There is some talk about even a new IGZO (inidium gallium zinc oxide) display for the Macbook Pro, which as faster reactions times and less power consumption. In October, Intel announced that they encountered problems with the new Broadwell chip which has a 14 nanometer process compared to the Haswell 22 nanometer process. The Broadwell was supposed to be 30% faster than the Haswell processor. So, it is not likely that there will be a significant jump in performance of the chip, only more conservative of battery power. And, of course, there is talk about the iWatch.

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    I hope this boosts the stock price!


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      Introducing the iPad Air