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Best smartphone "Dragon-like" voice-text functions?

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    Best smartphone "Dragon-like" voice-text functions?

    I realized that this smartphone fad probably isn't going away recently after unloading some crap on craigslist and having 1/2 the people 'calling' sending me a text message .

    So to not seem like the old-timer sticking with my favorite rotary-dial phone...I'm thinking of actually getting a smartphone so that texting isn't a drawn-out process like on my current cellphone.

    Thing is, I don't want to type on my phone, something about looking like a douche gazing lovingly at photos of myself on Failbook, that, and I don't want to type on my phone, lol.

    So I figure this place is an awesome place to pose this question...what smartphone platform has the best Dragon-like voice recognition software that ports into the smartphone's text functions?

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    Ahhhh...the technology of very...Borgian.

    Welcome to The Collective. The iOS line is over there, and the Android line just past that.

    Good luck!
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      Maybe I'll be Hugh and throw a wrench into that scheme


        I'm a fan of andriod. Any platform from gingerbread to jellybean has a mic icon in text keyboard. Just hit and start dictating. Prog is not on board due to size so it does require internet access. I use a big screen htc evo 4g bought from used for $80 and love it. My southern accent does throw it off sometimes. $50 off new device purchase link for Ting


          Dragon Mobile Assistant.


            Google Now is solid too.