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  • Voice software... using it hands-free...

    Hi all,

    I'm preparing to switch to Dragon NaturallySpeaking, and I've found a program that can make it much more user-friendly for hands-free operation.

    The program is called SpeechStart+ which does several things... the most important to me (as a high-level quadriplegic with no arm function) is that it can turn the Dragon microphone on (by voice) when it's off, and it can also restart NaturallySpeaking if it freezes. If that's all you want it to do, then it's predecessor, SpeechStart will do those. SpeechStart+ has additional functionality including "show numbers / flags / circles" which can reduce or eliminate the need to use Dragon's mouse grid (the most tedious aspect of using voice software hands-free, IMHO).

    Both SpeechStart and SpeechStart+ are sold by PCByVoice, a business developed by a high-level quadriplegic in England. He also developed the two programs.

    On a related note (many CareCure members know this already but) KnowBrainer is a massive add-on command package that is designed to address some of the shortcomings of NaturallySpeaking. KnowBrainer is a retail product, but its developer makes it available to people with significant physical disabilities at no charge. PCByVoice and KnowBrainer have a partnership and KnowBrainer sells SpeechStart+ in the U.S. (however you can purchase SpeechStart+ from either; it's download only so there's no shipping consideration).

    And, if you're wondering, no, I have no formal or business relationship representing either PCByVoice or KnowBrainer, but I've interacted with both developers and they are good guys who have products that can help people with SCI, especially high-level quadriplegics. I'm just sharing info in hopes that it helps.

    Here are their websites:

    Incidentally, for NaturallySpeaking and WSR questions, or anything related to voice software, KnowBrainer has very active forums with some very knowledgeable people. Like CareCure, it's free to use.

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