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It's amazing how far Blu ray players have come.

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  • It's amazing how far Blu ray players have come.

    I just bought a Sony for 139 bucks, it is tiny, a lot smaller than they use to be and has a much better picture in 1080P than my old samsung and does the internet movies and video with no distortion or freezes and the picture is great, just watching a movie on Crackle and you could swear it is a disc, pretty amazing, these things have come a long ways. You tube videos and music is crystal clear also and the sound audiophile quality with the right sources, I'm impressed, pretty simple to use too. $139.00 well spent, there is so much content on the internet now with videos and my current tv is a older model and not capable of doing internet, this Blue ray player solves the problem. I may even cancel out my expenisive Satallite service and save 100 bucks a month. I can also watch local digital channels which are crystal clear in 1080I with a simple radio shack antenna. Anybody else ditched their Satallite or cable service recently for all the new internet stuff that is easily accessable?
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    look into a program called "XBMC", Curt, it works very well if you got a descent internet connection.!!!


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      It all sounds great if you have reasonably fast internet, but out here in the sticks I am the envy of my friends with 1.5. The shit you put up with to live out in the country, heavy six inch casters for gravel, and slow internet, but the view is great.
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        Yesterday announced plans to double the Internet speed. It has the equipment and will likely start by the end of the year. What they are doing is mind boggling. Read the CNN article:

        As I see it, the system glitch will likely be local connectivity speeds.
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          They have come far, but what you get from that Sony is nowhere near what is out there. I use a similar Sony player and was happy with it and my Direct TV until I put in an AV preamp that upscales audio and video. It is a 5 year old unit, so it's not nearly state of the art, but the video improvement was amazing. Regular DVD is better than blue ray I was getting before, and blue ray is much better. Audio is also amazingly better.

          Going to listen to some new speakers, and I hear they have the new 4K ultra HDTV displays at this shop. A wealthy man could go broke trying to stay on the cutting edge of this stuff. The 84" 4K goes for $25,000.

          It is a pretty small community that plays in the high end audio and video market. I've never been able to afford the top of the line stuff, but every once in a while I do get a glimpse into how small and tight the community is. The first new high end gear I bought was speaker cables and interconnects from Straight Wire. Best investment in audio I've made. That was 21 years ago, and the cable still puts a smile on my face when I hear what it can deliver. My next move in upgrading my system is likely to be running a dedicated stereo and surround system sharing only my sub woofers. The interconnects I've loved for 21 years are too short for this setup. At Straight Wire's site they have a form that will generate recommendations for cable from their staff based on your components. Since my line of cable has been retired I filled it out. Got an email back the next morning with the recommendation I had expected and a question abt what cable I was now using. I replied sharing the story of buying their stuff long ago. A little after 7:00 NY time my phone rings, and it is the president of Straight Wire calling to thank me for my dedication to his company and discuss my current setup and options for cable if and when I make proposed changes. He offered to mail me cables to try in my system, and spent an hour of his evening talking with a guy who had made one transaction with his company 21 years ago. Color me impressed!