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    Wireless headphone advice


    c4/5 here would like opinions advice on

    Sennheiser dw pro 1 V Jabra 9470 pro V Plantronics Savi w 740m

    To be used for voice rec and phone in.

    can't decide.


    We have two members that are using and recommending the Jabra Pro 9470. Let's wait for the CareCure brain trust to chime in.

    Good luck!
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      Thanks PN.


        After doing some reading on this forum I purchased the Jabra pro 9470. Accuracy and noise cancellation is very good, being wireless is fantastic and because I got the handset lifter as well the ability to answer the phone without having to change headsets is wonderful.

        Seen to be having trouble though with the windows settings. Every time I boot windows the microphone will only work if I have the Jabra pro selected as the playback device. Also, intermittently if I'd changed the playback device to desktop speakers the microphone stopped working even though it is still selected as the recording device.

        Does anybody else have this problem? Any tips?


          I have the same problem and I make sure the Jabra pro 9470 is listed as the playback device before turning the computer off so as it always boots in that fashion. I don't seem to have a problem switching playback devices whilst the computer is running. The microphone doesn't cut out.

          No big problem to me as I use the Jabra 9470 99% of the time, I would however be interested if somebody has a fix.

          It's not just you.


            Poor support from Jabra:

            Hello Brocl,

            Unfortunately, you have reached the technical support team from North America, we kindly invite you to contact the local distributor by sending an email to or calling the following number +61 2 9485 1111 - Fax: 1800 650 066.



              I have a Jabra that I just use for my iPhone and when using google voice and it works well for me. But, I have not had to get any technical support. Then I do have an old school "USB Wired" made by Cyber Acoustics that I use if my battery is drained etc when using good voice on my MAC and it works great and is probably 5 or 6 years old if not older.
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                Originally posted by brocko View Post
                Poor support from Jabra:
                I have had to contact Australian Jabra support in the past and all they did was replace the microphone (twice) which is all very well when the microphone is not working. That was the Jabra GN9330 by the way and not the Jabra pro 9470. So as far as technical advice I'm not sure you will get much help because a replacement microphone is not going to fix your problem IMHO. It could well be a Windows problem.

                You may just have to live with it or you could post a a new thread in the Knowbrainer forum. Lunis might know how to get around this.