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  • Chrome browser problem

    I have a problem with my Chrome browser. When I click the "other bookmarks" folder, there is an annoying ~5 second latency before the drop-down bookmarks appears. This delay began after one of their browser updates sometime last fall. It occurs on both computers that I use and started at the same time, which leads me to believe that it is a bug in the browser. I also use Xmarks to synchronize my bookmarks between computers, but I have used it for years. Does anyone else have this problem and a fix for it?

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    Yeah; I noticed that a couple of years ago and Chrome is still a RAM hog. Solution; switch to Firefox.
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      Back in the early days (like the 1980's) there used to be an adage that "The next version of windows doesn't ship until Lotus doesn't work.".

      Yes, I know, Chrome is smaller and faster...Firefox is more intuitive...but the sorry truth is, if you're using any windows operating system, and not using Internet Explorer...expect the next series of patches from Microsoft to break something in your non-Microsoft software.

      So...IMHO...the easiest way to fix your problem is to switch to IE.


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        5s delay looks like a network latency, are you sharing your bookmarks using Google sync service?

        Have a look at your sync settings at chrome://chrome/settings/syncSetup untick bookmarks and restart Chrome to see if it makes any difference.
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          I don't use the Google bookmarks sync. I hate going back to Firefox or IE because I like the ezLink Preview Chrome extension that allows you to open multiple preview windows inside each other. FF has a similar Cool Previews add-on, but is not as good.


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            Originally posted by goldnucs View Post
            I use the other Mozilla, Seamonkey. (I call this the stable Mozilla branch as it sits back a bit. It is also a mail, news and chat client and can display email messages as web content.) With harmful Java, Flash and PDF plugins disabled of course. Use Xpdf or Preview for PeDoFiles and don't go to Flash sites.

            It could be later Chrome is sending book marks back to Google to be counted as links. Though not evil (unless leaked and tied back to you) this may improve search and offer better value to advertisers. This is reason Chrome exists. I have flash player in Chrome.

            Lynx and w3m are sleek. I use lynx for cookie and blinkie (frame content in whole screen with numbered links and no images) support. I have set very loud colour scheme on black background. Edbrowse is for the hard core TTY rather than screen users. W3m tries to lay out like GUI frames browser on terminal. It can then also display images on it in the right place.

            Lynx has a long start up too if loading large mailcap. The Debian one is not too large if you only install wanted applications. My Fink on Mac small too so Lynx works on Mac too.