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New Font for Christmas/New Year!

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    New Font for Christmas/New Year!

    My desktop and laptop--Awesome, emacs, Google Chrome, and all--both now use the Inconsolata font exclusively.

    My computers and the web have never looked better!

    (Yes, I'm easily pleased. )'s worse than we thought. it turns out the people at the white house are not secret muslims, they're nerds.

    Blinky friendly

    Very large DejaVu Sans Mono for me. I have hacks0r3d up system fonts in OSX too. Most are Sans and/or Mono.

    Inconsolata is a Sans-Mono. Will try it.

    Perfect vision resolves 1 minute of arc. That means both the strokes and the whitespace between them are limited to this minimum. Most older people can't see this level of detail, but can see how a character cell is filled and guess what they are seeing. This is harder with bad proportional fonts like Times where they are jointed together. However, properly kerned proportional fonts have some extra white space to avoid this problem. If the dialog box does not have room for Sans-Mono system font then I use DejaVu Sans. I can usually make out enough characters to know what the option is. This is better than the default smudge.

    Times does have one good use. It makes the perfect CAPTHCHA. It is impossoble for either man or machine to decode.