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    Do yourselves a favor and try the Airmotiv speaker line from emotiva. You could save some serious cash since they are powered. Best powered monitor I've ever heard, and it ranks pretty high among all small monitors I've heard. I say this having only heard it playing music from a streamer. Monday they go into my main system with the subs filling out the low end. I have the 5 model, and the guy at emotiva I talked to thinks it is the best of the line. A serious step up from the audioengine 5 monitors I had been running in my bedroom. At $449 a pair these are a great value.


      Well, I crossed over to the dark side. Found an Integra DTC 9.8 AV preamp on eBay that has balanced stereo inputs and 7.1 balanced outputs so I can run a fully balanced system from my stereo DAC preamp into the AV pre and directly out to my amps and the powered speakers. At some point I'll try adding 2 more powered speakers as fronts and run the subs in my stereo speakers with them using the LFE inputs on them giving me matching speakers in surround with 2 subs and a dedicated stereo system. Am pretty happy with both stereo and surround sound as they are, but both should be better as separate systems.


        Originally posted by Van Quad View Post
        See I'm the opposite, I'm on a low budget. And my computer geek skills of given way to other interests. If I took this list to a buddy who builds computers, what what I expect to spend on hardware and software?
        Sorry to take so long to reply. Haven't been following this thread. The equipment is linked with current prices. You will also need RAM - my 2 4G sticks came as a "freebie" with the board. As to software, you can do Linux with XBMC for free. Or you can go with Win 7 for about $90. The build is fairly easy, but a small case means you have to be clever about what pick and how you put it together.

        There are lots of other options.

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