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    My daughter wants an E-reader. What do you have and what do you like about it?

    Can you give me some pros and cons of it?

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    I bought a Sony E-reader when they first came out. It was alright but I found too small (though you can adjust the font but not as many sentences can fit into a screen). Plus, it needed a light for bedtime and had a glare. Synching the books was difficult with the E-Reader software provided but books are cheap at $9.99 for everything.

    Then I purchased an ASUS tablet. Love it MUCH more as a book reader (plus the other mobile applications it has). I have my sister's, my and my hometown newspaper delivered on it every morning and it's nice to have access to all that, rather than just the headlines on the internet. I love the colour and the touchscreen too.

    If you're looking at an e-reader, I would go the $100 more and get a tablet.
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      A tablet will be more versatile than an ereader.


        They are pretty awesome. I love being able to buy a book any time of the day or night. I just got a kindle fire and it is great but any of the kindles rock. One of the nice things is if you enjoy a particular author you get suggestions about similar book/authors. I am a huge sci-fi fan and there are tons of books out there that are being epublished that are by little known authors but because of amazon's reviewing system you rarely get stuck with crap. You can pick up a base kindle for 69 bucks and it is well worth it.


          I have one of the original Kindles, which I love, but I had to add a light (and a case). Also, I depend on finding WiFi sites to update when away from home as I did not pay for a wireless service. If I were buying one right now, I would get a Kindle Fire...internet access and backlighting being two of the great new features.

          Of course if you want to get a tablet, like an iPad, that has the ability to function as a e-reader too...but at a higher price.

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            I have an older sony ereader so it doesn't use wifi and you have to use software and connect to a computer to upload books. I want to get a kindle so I can get books over wifi. But personally I would NOT get a kindle fire due to the type of screen. Same with a tablet if my main desire was reading books on it. I spend too much time reading on a laptop screen already, I don't want even more eye strain. I love the e-ink display of my sony and would get an eink kindle display. I've heard the newer kindles come with lights on the side so you don't have to use a separate light but still don't damage your eyes from it being backlit.
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              I bought a Kindle Fire, as I wanted to be able to access the web and email. Now that there is a new Fire, the one I bought is only $159. It is good for reading, you can borrow a book for free once a month, and with the built-in WiFi, you can check the web. You can also play games and download quite a few free apps.

              After about 6 months of use, I discovered the HP Touchpad with Android Ice Cream Sandwich for less than $200. I really like the Android OS and you can add a Kindle reader app. I bought a used one for $189 on Ebay, and today there are a couple for around $160.
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                I am a Nook user, bought the new "GlowLight recently, it is much smaller and lighter than before, it fits in my down under bag on my chair. It is a reader only, no browsing etc, but I have too many way of getting online already , when I want to read a book I don't want distractions.

                The glow light works great, very adjustable, doesn't wake my wife, and it is so light I can hold it up in bed forever.

                Haven't tried others, so can't compare for ya.
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                  I bought myself the nook color last year and love it. I've never used a kindle but i know the nook works awesome in the sunlight and is also easy to adjust the brightness at night. I never really have a problem with the glare or anything like that. There is always great selection of books and you can "borrow" books from other people too....this allows you to save a little money.

                  If you are looking for just an e reader I would stick with something like the nook or one of the original kindles. But if you want something more look into a tablet.... good luck


                    I use the basic Kindle and I love it. It does not have an illuminated display, but it's very crisp just the same. I also have the Kindle apps installed on my Android phone and Android tablet, but I agree with McDuff that in that I find it preferable to have a dedicated reading device that eliminates the temptation to distraction to leave what you're reading and waste time on the web.


                      I have a kindle and I love it, I have the app on my laptop and iphone so I can access my books anywhere.




                          I guess it all matters what you’re after… If she wants something just for reading than I’d buy something with E-ink designed specifically for reading, i.e. one of the original Kindles (not a Fire). If she wants to do a little more, like browse the Internet, update Facebook, watch movies, then I’d get a full-blown tablet like the Nexus 7.

                          The big difference is E-Ink uses a reflective medium that works very good out in the bright sunlight, uses very little energy (as in the batteries can last weeks between charges), and is far easier on the eyes compared to staring at a computer screen. For myself, where I already look at the computer screen 10+ hours a day, the last thing I want in a reading device is to be staring at the same ole light emitting screen for more hours! Makes me cross eyed just thinking about it! The joy I get from a relaxing read with my Kindle DX and more or less always counting on the batteries to be charged is far worth the trade-off of not being able to watch a movie/use the web… That’s what I got a computer for!

                          If I was going to buy an E-reader I’d get the Kindle DX all over again. If reading at night was important to me I’d look at the Kindle Paperwhite E-reader with the built-in light. If I just wanted a tablet to read once in a while and used for media the rest of the time I’d get a Nexus 7 or 10.
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                            I have read ebooks since the days of the monochromatic pda's that had AAA batteries in them. Currently I use a Kindle and a Kindle Fire depending on the situation. If you want to read in bed the Fire is backlit and is really great. The Kindle has a longer battery life and has the text to speech option. If I had to choose just one it would be the Kindle Fire because it does so much more.


                              I use iPad. Can view ePUB, PeDoFiles, DjVu, etc. Also a does Pages and Numbers and can be used as portable laptop (that does not need to be plugged in to the coal and steam). Can add BlueTooth keyboard. iPad has conventional LCD and can only be used in low light. It's not jailbroken, but what I have been given is good enough.

                              I have an iriver story. Crashes when you turn past last page of PeDoFile. Its plaintext is only a subset of ASCII and can not exploit overstrike of the e-paper display. I use it to view filtered -Tascii from groff rather than PeDoFiles. Not very useful and can't be fixed as proprietary. It does ePUB too, but that also poorly documented or closed format with no quality tools to create them.

                              E-readers have cool B&W e-paper displays, but a pitty the systems are useless. Has any one jailbroken Swindle?

                              Would love to have an e-paper display that could be used with normal system and display adapter.

                              Note both e-paper and TFT could hold image. Need system to power off adapter when not updating. Such an option on laptop would help battery life.

                              I would go with iPad as it does other things too.
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