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Use Voice commands with XCOM: Enemy Unknown

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  • Use Voice commands with XCOM: Enemy Unknown

    I created a Windows 7 speech macroset for XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

    Here it is:

    Read the XCOM_Enemy_Unknown.WSRMac file. It is a text file. Notepad will do. Everything you need to know is in there.

    This is as much about immersion for me as it is about accessibility. Shouting out orders in a fight is fun.

    Let me know if I can improve anything in this macroset. Definitely tell me if I missed anything.


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    that's pretty cool, I don't use Windows speech recognition. I use DragonDictate, Say2Play, VAC (voice-activated commands). Have you checked those out get? Because those combinations work really well.
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      Dragon Dictate became a major problem for me before windows seven. It's a very old piece of software and, as a software developer, I can't stick around old hardware just because it works for me. That's fine where I have no choice like a wheelchair

      Naturallyspeaking's command and control was not as good (as I remember it) as dragon dictate, which I found unusual to say the least.

      The windows seven speech recognition seemed to be a good fit for me.

      The first time I heard of say2play was yesterday in the XCOM: Enemy Unknown Demo forum on Steam. If you're playing that game then you have windows seven so it doesn't make sense to use commercial software to play it. The game is already $50.00.

      Do you write macros for Naturallyspeaking?


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        no I am not a programmer, I just did basic commands
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          C4/5 incomplete, hands really suck! I am/was a programmer and looking a speech software to use with Visual Studio, any recommendations?


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            If you have windows seven, speech recognition is free. Just add a good microphone and be vigilant about error correction. The system learns quickly.

            The macro system is well documented on the Internet. Making macros isn't really required. You can just call out keystrokes. that said, I've written some useful macros. One for personal safety. Dials out a phone number on google phone if I run into trouble.

            It's hard to beat free. I like it. I write code in python. I'm sure speech recognition would excel in visual studio because it's a Microsoft program.

            What kind of system do you have?