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    Has anyone used this?

    I'll be needing to call Tunisia, looking for cheapest way.
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    Not familiar with it. If you have a Skype account you can also call other countries phone numbers too.

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      Do you have someone in Tunisia you want to talk to frequently? If you buy a Magic Jack device, set it up with a (your) local area code and a local phone number, you can ship that unit to the person you want to speak with frequently. They can call you and you can call them free because it is like calling a local number.

      If your call to Tunisia is just a one off thing, you will pay international rates when calling foreign countries with Magic Jack. Calls Canada to US or US to Canada are free.

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        I'd look into Google Voice or Skype.


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          I am using Skype Out. The cost is $30 a year and I can call any phone number in the US or Canada (unlimited). Magic Jack is okay. Another good option is OBi110 Voice Service Bridge. Take a look at this thread for more information.

          I am moving this thread to the Computer Forum.
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            I had Majic Jack a few years ago and it started not to work very well. I got a Net Duo and it works great! Not sure about international call but I'm very happy with it.
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              My magic jack works great...