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Ipod Touch car charger needed

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  • Ipod Touch car charger needed

    I just got an Ipod Touch on Saturday, can anyone tell me where I can get a car charger for it? I figure the store sells everything but I wondered if the one's on Ebay worked and were safe. I'd rather go with an Apple product but I couldn't find accessories at their website.

    By the way, if you have brain damage or a brain injury this device can be amazing. I bought it only for the programs that let me be reminded of things and make notes. It turns out it does all sorts of other things including of course being a music player though I doubt I'll ever use that feature. Already the Ipod has helped me out a lot. Reminded me of everything I needed to do this morning and to move the car tonight and got me to take a pill at 11am because the alarm won't stop sounding until I tell it to. Good, I need to be forced to remember those pills.

    Anyhow I love it but could use some advice about the car charger accessory, would Ebay be safe (don't want it to wreck it) or should I get back to the store and only go with an Apple product?

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    But an apple product I have gotten chargers from ebay and they were junk. Not only did they not work well it broke my iPod. I had to purchase another iPod to replace it.


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        I bought some cheap cigarette lighter usb chargers on amazon, two usb outlets each for 3 dollars each, work great.
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          I spend way to much at this place. They have never let me down.

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            I went to the Apple website and found the Incase car charger they sell for the Ipod. I went to Ebay and found it for a few dollars less from a seller with a high positive rating and here in the U.S. so hopefully it is the real thing and won't break my Ipod. I didn't trust the $3-5 chargers on Ebay though they may have worked fine. Hopefully this will work out. If not, lesson learned - only buy from Apple. But this isn't an Apple product only one they recommend/sell so fingers crossed it will be okay.

            btw I can't believe the features of this thing. I went to library today and learned how to download Ebooks for free. I haven't been able to go to the library for the last two years, since my powerchair broke down. It was just too hard getting up that hill with my manual. Now I can read books again! I got Ulysses by James Joyce and Mark Twain's A Connecticut Yankee. I may not make it through them but there are so many others I can get. Some technology can be great. :-)