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Google Chrome missing up Dragon

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  • Google Chrome missing up Dragon

    Is anyone else having this problem? I'm running Windows 7 on my laptop and half the times I use Google Chrome I get errors in Dragon, COM +, and it won't let me enter text into any of my browsers. What's causing this? I'm normally really good at fixing my computer problems but this one is driving me nuts. I would reinstall Dragon of my discs are so scratched up that it won't install. I'm going to get a disk cleaner tomorrow so hope that works. Otherwise, any other ideas?
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    What is the exact error message? By any chance is it this?

    "Com return an unexpected error code HOOKERR_NONOTIFYWINDOW"

    If that is it it is caused by the latest Flash player update and it can be rectified by going back to a previous version. If you need the steps I will copy and paste them from the nuance WebSite.

    You are no doubt aware that Google Chrome is not supported directly by Dragon NaturallySpeaking but you have obviously been using it before without too many problems and as you say this issue won't let you use any of your browsers.

    Anyway just a stab in the dark.