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    Microsoft Outlook

    I have been using Outlook for a long period of time and recently have had a problem sending and receiving mail. Each time I click send/receive I get a message that the server network cannot be found on line and that I should verify that I am on line. I did check to make sure I had a valid connection, my IE works just fine and I did check my Outlook settings to make sure I did not have a mistake, which would be surprising as those setting have worked fine up until now.

    I also have Outlook Express loaded on my system and it works just fine as does Mozilla Thunderbird.

    I would like to continue using Outlook, but would like to avoid reloading it back on my system as it is part of the the Microsoft Office package and is time consuming.

    Any ideas of what I can try?

    Got a good virus / malware detector running? Could be you've got the Outlook scrambler?


      From a not to computer savvy person: we just had a problem of no sound. After all kinds of troubleshooting we did, our geek finally called and had my husband go to sound section of control panel. There was a tab for "enable/disable". He said to click on disable, then wait a couple of seconds and click on enable. The sound immediately came on. I guess it's kinda like slapping the cheek of someone who's gone unconscious.....


        You've probably done it, but just in case you haven't, restart you computer. If that doesn't work then unplug your modem/router. Always the first things to try when troubleshooting any computer issue.
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          Agree with TexasWheelz - I had a similar problem with Outlook earlier this week, I noticed that nobody was responding to me emails despite Outlook showing them as 'sent' - turns out they were never sent!! restarting solved the issue.


            Mike, first thing I would suggest you try is to copy the error message and paste to google, adding to the search term that it's generated when you attempt to send or receive in MS Outlook. Skim the results and read all that seem as if they might be helpful.

            No joy still? I'd think about putting in the Office cd and seeing if you have an option to "repair" Outlook. If not, I believe you can just remove then reinstall Outlook without messing with the rest of the Office Suite.

            Good luck, and please keep us posted on your progress.

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