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Adaptive equipment for pc gaming?

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    Adaptive equipment for pc gaming?

    I'm a quad with only the use of my left arm, and very limited finger control, and I want to get into playing action RPG, and action shooter pc games. Anyone here have experience with this kind of equipment? I'm hoping to get some advice that will help me find the best possible solution.

    Have you tried a trackball? The make them with all kinds of buttons, I don't have any arm movement so I use a smartnav and sip-n-puff clicker, it works good for RPGs but not shooters.
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      Willy there a quite a few things out there.

      One handed controllers if you can use them.

      I use Trackir 5 with Track Clip Pro from Natural Point. It's good for FPS as it's really easy to aim.

      Then I use a program called glovepie which you speak what you want to do ingame. Shoot/Reload/Change Weapon etc. You can create your own scripts to do basically anything you want. It's totally free, but you have to make the scripts yourself. It's pretty easy when you get the hang of it, and they are helpful in the forum too aswell as tutorials on youtube. You can get glovepie to do pretty much anything too just scan youtube you'll be amazed.

      This is another kind of speech program with preloaded scripts but you have to pay, it's $29.95 but there is a free trial.

      I think the best setup for you will be a pc joypad to control your movement. Forwards/backwards etc. Then Trackir for aiming. Then one of the two speech programs for everything else.

      This website is where I found out alot of my info but it's based in UK.

      There is ALOT of videos on youtube on disabled gaming and the stuff I mentioned too.
      I hope this helps.
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        Thanks for the help. I just got a Trackir in the mail today. I really like this device.


          is trackir a complete hands free or only A complement?


            you may want to check out this equipment here. , He also has another video ther worth looking at and you can hear him talking and using his voice commands. The equipment he is using is in the description. SmartNAV. I have really been wanting to get the SmartNAV with a few other little equipment things. If you would get the SmartNAV you have to request the voice activation when ordering.
            Check out GimpGear<--- also their youtube channel.
            @ You may find something there worth looking at. The SmartNAV also has an voice activation you can bind/create to what you want it to.


              Smartnav is the best adaptive thing I have bought in my 4 years of gimpdom. I used the dwell clicker for a few years but it made it hard to play games so I got a sip/puff to click with and it is so much better.

              I got the voice click software but couldn't get it to work, I may have to dig it out and try again. Other that that it worked great for ~4 years, it's been knocked around and even dropped a few times.

              I did have a screw on the base break and contacted natural point to buy a new one. They overnighted me a whole new base for free. Sure not what I'm used to from a disability company.
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                Broaden Horizons is very expensive, they are charging insurance prices. There are a couple of other programs and equipment available


                Voice-activated Commands

                Quod Stick is a sip and puff game controller that utilizes Voice Attack and Dragon Professional Individual, which also works well in games. Although this controller is kind of expensive, but it's well worth it.
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                  This thread is 8 years old. Most likely the technology discussed is obsolete.

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                    The links that I provided are up to date.
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                      NaturalPoint is no longer making the SmartNav.