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    Voice Activated --- Everything

    I just visited a website where just about everything can be set up as voice activated. I often see people looking on this forum for this type of information so I thought I'd share it.

    I hope this helps.
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    u can use this material to make about anything adaptable.
    if you search the main instructables site , you will see a hack for making your own homemade surgo, for a lot cheaper.

    i noticed there was a lot of camera equipment om that page that can be had for lot less at any big camera Store, like the super clamps. i think i pay about 35 bucks for super clamps at b&h. you can get all kinds of lighting accessories that will fit them, they are one of the most handiest things for mounting a camera anywhere and have it like a tripod. plus you can use them to make a about anything for a cheap price, super clamp, flexible shaft and another mount to screw to a piece of wood for use as a holder to attach to anything://
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      We tried a voice activated TV remote for Dave. His voice is often weak and many days he has no voice at all so did not really work.
      Part of his vocal cord is paralyzed, but if his breathing is good he can get a fair voice with the passey muir valve.
      Just not reliable enough for any of that equipment which was a disappointment.