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  • When to update

    I am a very heavy user of a laptop. I have this laptop for five years.
    Its work good for thie age.But I want to build my next one. When
    should I start to look to updated?

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    a computer is "old" as soon as you get it home.


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      As long as it is doing the things you use it for satisfactorily, no need to upgrade. Given its age, if it starts to develop problems, I would not spend a lot on repairs.
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        I think the problem with most 5 year old machines is that they are running windows xp. If you have kept up with the updates of XP, are on service pack 3, IE8+, etc. the OS has outgrown the machine. Back when you got the laptop 2gb of memory was great but now it is really not enough because XP has literally grown in the last 5 years. If you can up the laptop to 3gb of memory you could be okay. I would just bit the bullet and buy a new machine. newegg is running some great deal now and you get get a really nice laptop for 600 bucks and a good one for 400.


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          ^^ bingo.

          I upgrade when the software I use no longer runs efficiently on the hardware... software upgrades typically get priority for me, then if hardware follows, so be it.