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    How is everyone doing? I got the new software yesterday, I love it! (Dragon: Speaking Naturally V10) It works for me so well. I have read in many forms that people like Dragon version 10 better than version 11, so that is what I chose! At times my fingers get so tired because I have to finger peck most of the time. I am very glad I got this speech recognition. I just feel like writing/typing/spelling/talking and making a book because this works so well for me! If I were to type this it would take me forever it would feel like, LOL! which it really would... I remember when I was in the hospital they tried getting me to use Dragon numerous times and I repeatedly said no because I was using Windows Vista speech recognition and I thought it was working well. I was very wrong! LOL I guess I also didn't have the patience when I first started using the voice recognition because I was too impatient and didn't want to train it. Dragon is way more knowledgeable than the Windows XP version by far. If you train dragon right as you can see you don't see very many errors at all! Just thought I would put this out there for some of the people looking into voice recognition software!

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    Wow. I'm impressed. I loaded Dragon Naturally Speaking 11 on my laptop so I could learn it before putting it on my son's laptop (he's a c4 quad) and am having trouble getting email to work. Using Google's gmail and am thinking I may need to install Outlook to get it to work. What type of tutorial did you use to get started? Is there a good manual available or did you just figure it out? I'm getting frustrated. Would appreciate any tips you may have.


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      I would argue those who say version 10 is better than version 11 are in the minority and the improvement in accuracy alone would see me not returning to version 10 in a million years. You have however purchased version 10 and it reportedly had more bugs in it than version 11 initially but these bugs were fixed in the 10.1 download which you are entitled to from the following site. It can also be installed on a 64-bit OS as well as 32-bit. Simply click on the following link and follow the instructions.
      It is a full version install, not an upgrade. All you need to obtain it is your DNS 10.0 serial number and a valid e-mail address.

      There has been much discussion regarding version 11 and the following thread is informative and puts things into perspective for each individual to make their mind up. The major latency issue encountered by some has had its causes discovered and are easily remedied.