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  • Got my new laptop

    I got a new laptop to replace the one I spilled water on. This thing rocks. It's really fast dell studio 15 with 4 GB of memory, an Intel I3 2.4 GHz processor, 15.6 inch screen and right now I'm using the built in voice recognition although I've got a dragon on order. It's really fast with a voice recognition and everything going on in the background. I'm really happy with my purchase. The whole thing with sipping was $670. I really wish I hadn't spilled water on my old laptop, but at least I ended up with something really good. This windows seven is a whole different story. I'm going to have to relearn how to use windows and modify it all over again. Oh well, just something else for me to do. Check out the post where I spilled water on my old laptop here. I think I'm just going to part in out. Maybe I can get $200 out of all the parts. Fortunately the hard drive was still good and I was able to save all of the documents and pictures off of the old one
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    Getting a new laptop is always a joy, especially learning the new functions and the speed in running applications. Have fun.
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      Hi Rybread
      I am happy you got a new laptop congrats

      Sincerely ;


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        Enjoy! I love new technology toys best of all presents to myself!!


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          really nice mate, before new year, good gift for you =)