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    For my desktop I use an ergo keyboard, but all laptops that I know of have basically the same ergonomics so you will have the same problem no matter what the laptop. Maybe position it differently, take breaks from typing every 15 minutes. If you want to know what laptop I would buy right now it would be the new HP Envy w/ a 17inch screen. Tasty.

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    You might want to bypass a laptop completely and get an iPad. It is lightweight, and can be propped up at various angles so your shoulder's hurt less. The new 3GS version is out now and comes with a Safari browser. Unlimited use (through AT&T) is $30 a month.


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      The name of the game here is accuracy. What is your level/asia classification ?
      Can't make informed suggestions w/o some info, fill out your profile.THEN you might get some answers.

      What is a 'special chair' ?


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        You can always buy one of those ergo keyboards and then just plug it into your laptop.
        Most everything I say is


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          There is a lot of flexibility with laptops. When I am in bed or at my desk, I use a wireless keyboard with it. The only time I use the laptop keys is when I am using while watching TV. When I am at my desk, I also plug in a bigger wide screen, which I prefer.
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            The guy was a spammer, so feel free to ignore this thread.
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