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    Dragon Dictate for groups

    A non-profit group wants to purchase DD for a group of students (about 3 users). What would be the best voice recognition software package to purchase. Price range?
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    Though there are other products out there I don't think you will find a better product then Dragon, even though it will probably be the most expensive. Nonprofits can get tax exempt status and other breaks from manufactures and developers that regular consumers can't which can bring the end cost way down. Even Microsoft offers big breaks for Nonprofits.



      Microsoft offers a discount on some of its software for students but I am not aware of ScanSoft offering any type of student discount. I would call ScanSoft and see if they offer a special group rate/price for students. Teyrn makes a good point about nonprofit organizations getting some sort of price break. I think you can narrow your program search down to Dragon NaturallySpeaking preferred 8.0 or Dragon NaturallySpeaking standard 8.0.

      Dragon NaturallySpeaking Standard 8 $99.99

      Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred 8 $199.99

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