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Dragon Naturally Speaking problem

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    Dragon Naturally Speaking problem

    We have a member who can't post at all in the forums:

    ...have never been able to post any messages
    because any time I tried to while using Dragon
    NaturallySpeaking the same thing happens... first I
    get one of those Internet explorer needs to shut down
    would you like to send error message... but then even
    if I say don't send another matching box will pop up
    which is identical except for it says Dr. Watson
    postmortem debugger needs to shut down send or don't
    send and this causes my entire computer to freeze and
    I have to end up restarting... I do not have this
    problem trying to post using a mouse and not the
    "MouseGrid" I use with Dragon... not sure if anyone
    has had this problem in the past or if you have a
    Can anyone be of service?


    What version is this person using?
    This person might want to try a repair installation to see if that would help solve the situation. If that does not work they may have to do a full uninstall and then reinstall. Reinstall is a drastic measure and should only be done as a last resort.

    They might also want to try to switch to their backup user files to see if this helps or they could try to create a new user. But I have always had better luck when I have a problem with "the Dragon" when I do a repair installation.

    There are many users here and they will probably have other suggestions/answers.