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Games 'deserve a place in class'

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    Games 'deserve a place in class'

    Games 'deserve a place in class'

    Playing computer games is a routine part of children's lives
    Computer games could enhance learning and have a legitimate place in the classroom, say researchers.
    Academics from the Institute of Education at London University found that "games literacy" was a key skill for youngsters.

    As well as being used in different areas of the curriculum, games are a legitimate area of study in their own right, researchers say.

    Pupils should also be able to create their own games, they say.

    Girls excluded

    "Like all games, computer and video games entertain while promoting social development, and playing and talking about games is an important part of young people's lives," said project manager Caroline Pelletier.

    Games literacy is a way of investigating how games are means of expression and representation, just like writing or drawing

    Caroline Pelletier, project manager
    "Games literacy is a way

    I have a real problem with this article. If you have a chance to speak with anyone who has been in the field of education over the last twenty years, many will tell you that the overall level of concentration and focus, as well as length of attention (span) has sharply decreased over the years -- in part due to the increase in visual stimulation and entertainment. Its virtually impossible to compete with a computer game or a movie -- and bringing these into a classroom can only serve as a lasting distraction which will further pull students away from core lessons. Do video games serve a purpose? Sure. Entertainment. Lets not confuse the issues.