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    phebus, carl, and rtr,

    Can I suggest that you switch back to the old interface? Anybody can do that by logging off and then logging back and picking the option of disabling the new interface. Once you do that, the old interface will come back on.

    I have been testing the site with three different browsers (Safari, Explorer, and Netscape on a Mac). Safari is much faster (2-3x) than the other two and cannot use the new advanced interface; so I use it with the old interface. Explorer is slightly faster than Netscape when downloading but does not always handle the windows properly (and in fact crashes sometimes on me when I have too many windows open while I am trying to post or edit replies).



      OK, I have changed the links on the front page so that they do not produce new windows. Wise.


        Thanks Dr. Young. Having everything in one window is much nicer. I guess I could go back to the old interface, but I like some of the changes in the new one and it does seem cleaner even with a few glitches. Unfortunately, I will have to stick with Internet explorer simply because IBM ViaVoice software is designed for Internet explorer. I use to use Netscape all the time and liked it much better, but the IBM ViaVoice software will not work well with other browsers and has quite a few short cuts for Internet explorer. I know most people use the dragon software for voice because they were ahead of everyone else a few years ago, but after L&H bought out dragon and went bankrupt. . . The ViaVoice software is now ahead of Dragon , has much better recognition and more features but you are limited to Internet explorer. Anyway, thanks for the help.


          Hi Dr. Young:

          I would like to talk with you over the phone at your convenience. I sent you an email with my home phone number.

          Cheers, Paul aka PN

          email add:

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