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    Polett, I am very glad that you like it. Most of the comments have been positive and I think that we will continue to tweak the site. We are currently using the default template that infopop provides and will need to spend some time and work tweaking it. It is a very complex interface that is actually customized to every user that logs in. So for example, as an administrator (and the moderators as well) see additional tabs and information. So, it will take some time to understand and to change this interface.



      Mac OS

      Well, I am not rich enough to buy a new Mac yet with any version of OS X, so using both the older Mac and older OS that I have access two (one is running 8.6, the other 9.0) and IE I cannot see the new features. It also is VERY slow to load every page...perhaps because it has to convert each page from the newer format to the older one????

      The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.


        KLD, it may simply be that the site is a little slower these days and that it is not your system or browser. Perhaps I can liberate a computer for you. They are not so expensive these days. For example, you can now get an iMac with G4 processor that can run OSX for about $1600 these days. This should be more than fast enough to render this site. The limitation is not computer but internet transfer speed. I recommend that you upgrade to OS 9.2 at least and download the latest version of internet explorer. OSX can also be installed on most Macs (unless your computers are 10 years older or more). I have been monitoring the site using both the new and old interface and find that it is not that much slower or faster. Wise.


          Am I the only one who really misses the "next" and "previous" links at the TOP of the page? When scrolling up (in order to read replies in order) this is where you naturally end. It is irritating to then have to scroll back to the bottom of the bag to get to the only "next" and "previous" links. Is this fixable?


            KLD, i use my keyboard to scroll etc ., using the arrows to go up and down and under the old site i used ''home'' to go to top of the page to hit ''next/previous topic '' . now i hit ''end'' to take me to the bottom of the page .

            thank you

            every day i wake up is a good one .
            Every day I wake up is a good one .


              There are many navigational options on this site that probably most people don't use. In addition, every browser has many shortcuts. Let me summarize some of them, at least for the Mac.

              1. Space bar. If you hit the space bar on both Internet Explorer and Netscape, the window will jump downward by a page. This is very convenient if you are just scrolling down to read.

              2. Arrow keys. On Internet Explorer 5x, Netscape 7x, or Safari, if you hit the down or up keys, it jumps the page up or down by about 5 lines. If you hold the Apple key while pressing the up or down key, it goes to the top or bottom of the page. If you hold the Apple key while pressing the left or right key, it goes to the previous or next page that you had looked at in the browser.

              3. Tab key. If you press the tab key, it will go to the next active link on the page.

              Generic to all versions of the site

              4. CareCure Logo. If you press the CareCure Community Logo on the top, it should return you to the front page of the foums.

              5. Links in the intro text. I have put a number of useful links in the introductory text on the front page. These include "New Posts since your Last Visit" and "Today's Active Topics".

              6. Category name. If you click the category name, i.e. SCI Community Forums, it will show you a page that contains only that category.

              In the new Infopop III interface (the one with the tabs), several of the icons allow you to navigate from forum to forum.

              7. Globe icon. This is the icon that sits between the CareCure Community and links. This will drop down a menu giving the options of "New Since Your Last Visit" or "Today's Active Topics". The first is very useful if you want to see all the topics that have appeared since your last visit. The second gives you a choice of all the topics that have been active during the day. By the way, for people who would like access to the link without having to use the mouse, I put both links on the front page of the site, in the header text.

              8. Cityscape icon. This is the icon that sits between the and the Category forum listing. This will drop down a menu that allows you to go directly to any of the forums.

              9. New Tab. If you press the "New" Tab, it will drop down a menu that allows you to choose New Topic, Poll, etc. If you let your cursor rest on the New Topic line, it will give you a secondary menu that allow you to post your topic to any forum that you choose.

              10. My Space. This tab allows you to look for what is new in topics that you have subscribed to, schedule and edit your notifacitons, set up private topics, establish your own contact list amongst members, choose your preferences, and adjust your public and private profiles.

              11. Online Now. This bar gives all the members who are currently logged onto the site. If you click on any name, a drop down menu allows you to view that member's profile, add the member to your contact list, invite the person to a private topic, view recent posts by that members, and notify you if that person makes any posting. This use to bring up only the member profile on the older interface.



                looks good I like it & its more user friendly
                Question I have scanned a letter I received I would like to post it to be viewed by Dr Young.KDL just looking for some interpretations, perhaps a answer to my pain could be explained, how do I do Jeff could I e-mail to you ? you put it where ever it should be? thanks for your help.I just seen a thing that says attach I will try somthing with this.
                Debbi [img]/forum/images/smilies/smile.gif[/img]



                  I am starting a new topic about how to do attachments. Go to the following topic.



                    Am I the only one having trouble with using the back arrow on my browser? Lately whenever I am reading a post (at least in the Pain forum) and I hit that back arrow, I see the source code for the page. If I click the back arrow again, I'm back at the main page to view the various subject forums.


                      I'm still having the same problem that David mentioned. Whenever I click on back, I get a page showing the source code. It is happening quite a bit.


                        I am asking the infopop people about this.



                          For whatever reason, the source code problem showing up when you hit the " back " key is happening all over the site for me right now. If you hit refresh, the page will reload fine. It is only happening on " back ".


                            I think that this problem should have gone away or going away. Wise.


                              The source code problem also shows up when you use " forward " key. Also, still on back sometimes tonight.


                                Dr. Young:

                                If I am using a smaller monitor, around l5 inches, I am not always able to minimize or maximize the screen for editing or posting on a thread. On a l7 inch monitor, I have not noticed any problems.

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