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  • Just upgraded to Office 2007

    I just loaded Office 2007 on one of my machines and find the new interface a little hard to adapt to. Has anyone else taken this migration path? I'm use to 2000 and 2003 versions.
    Does anyone know of good material that eases the transition from one interface to the other?
    I went to 2007 for newer xml and VBA features for work.


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    You can not run both Microsoft Office 2003 and 2007 at the same time
    just as you can not run Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and 8 at the same
    time. (Web sites that are locked to Microsoft Internet Explorer are
    locked to a specific version. Sites that conform with Internet
    standards will work with any browser that conforms with Internet

    With the migration of Microsoft Office 95 to 97 you could open
    Microsoft Office 4.2-95 documents most of the time. This was because
    they had same file extension and content-type. You could also change
    the default save so that you could share files with the remaining users
    that had not been converted. As Microsoft Office 97 and later became
    widely adopted it was necessary for us to upgrade the existing
    installs. (We facilitated this migration by converting the MS Word 6
    format to RTF in MS Word 6 so MS Office 97 could always open our old

    With Microsoft Office 2007 there is no such path. Not only have they
    changed the file extensions, but they now also use unregistered
    content-types which means the email program has no idea what to do with
    the attachment.

    This is an impossible situation for Microsoft Office users so most
    freeze on the old 2003 version. See
    "Over 75% of organizations haven't upgraded to latest Microsoft Office"

    The problem is Microsoft will only sell the incompatible 2007 version
    to OEMs for home users. These users may think that Microsoft Office are
    suitable for attachment to email and send them. We are then left with
    emails with unknown attachments.

    Do not send DOCX files as email attachments as 75% of recipients will
    hate you. They will have to guess what it is, save it and then open it
    with what they hope is the right application.

    My advice is get rid of it and install (or NeoOffice for Mac). The latest will crack DOCX files. It can also save in registered
    Microsoft Office formats in addition to its own Open Document Format.

    Official registered media types are:

    Bogus types for DOCX vary and include these unregistered ones.
    application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.presentationml.presentation application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.presentationml.slideshow


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      Why would anybody recommend OpenOffice when the reason for upgrading was existing VBA at work? I love the ignorant anti-Microsoft crowd.

      The Ribbon in Office 2007 takes some getting used to, but it's great once you do. More intuitive and user friendly for those who don't use a mouse.


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        Microsoft dropped VBA in MS Office 2008. No one uses it and it is a severe security risk.
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          Originally posted by zagam View Post
          Microsoft dropped VBA in MS Office 2008. No one uses it and it is a severe security risk.
          Office 2008 = Mac user.

          VBA hasn't been dropped. It'll be in Office 2010.

          Nobody uses it? How about the original poster at his work, and I use it extensively. Many faculty at my university do as well.

          This is why I get so worked up by arrogant Mac users. Making uninformed statements with no truth.


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            Supporting Microsoft lusers since 1985 which is too long

            I have been supporting Microsoft users since 1985. I was a Lotus user on that platform myself. Being basically sane I converted to Unix a long time ago and then Mac. I run Unix or GNU/Linux myself and support Mac other users. I now no longer support Microsoft end users, but maintain, test and evaluate legacy SOE for threats. We now have 500+ SunRay users.

            In a corporate site of 1000 users the only VB usage I found in MS Word was macroviruses. There were built in merge options which could still work when the VB malware platform was permanently disabled.

            I used one virus as a template (as I am not a BASIC programmer) to migrate Word 6 .DOC to .RTF prior to our Office 97 migration. The only effect this process had was to make opening the Word 6 in Office 97 more reliable. Apart from providing an option to go through a tree and writing back RTF for any DOC found back to the .DOC it changed the default FileSaveAs to RTF while retaining the .DOC file name so we could run MS Office 4.2 and 95 along side for a while. The template with macros also enabled A4 paper so it would not hang our printers. Microsoft Office still hangs printers which is big problem out side the US where A4 paper is used.

            MS Excel is another story. Macros are used and a lot of time is spent debugging user spread sheets with macros. In virus cleaning we have had problems caused by stripping macros, however when an .XLS is damaged by bit rot or malware writing out an .SLK for each sheet is the only option.

            In short if you want your Excel to be retrievable:
            1. Do not use macros;
            2. Do it in a single sheet; and
            3. Save that sheet as .SLK.

            I was actually hoping that OOXML later corrupted by Microsoft to what is commonly known as DOCX would solve bit rot, but is so complex and self inconsistent that we now have ASCII rot in XML in ZIP. (Note that OOXML corrupt in the first place, but you can not open OOXML docs in MS Office 2007. So the MS Office 2007 format still needs to be reverse-engineered and the only purpose of OOXML standards are to cause confusion.)

            MS Office 2010 is vapourware. Release will be nothing like alphas. The will dump VB after the shame of the small number if pre-release installs going down to malware.

            BTW has malware compatibility, but if distros have a security policy then this feature is disabled. There is nothing to stop you installing an "official" build if you want VB. It depends on mono for runtime.

            I ran pre-release Vista on an Apple EFI machine. Vista now only runs under BIOS on x86. (In this case Microsoft is right and Apple is wrong. Do Microsoft know that they owe something to Kildall and have some strange loyalty to BIOS?)

            I mostly now use GNU/Linux KVM. As these are challenged with malware virtual networks are used and the virtual machine is discarded after each test for reproducibility. Did I not mention that MicroSoft suffers bit rot. (Yes I have MicroSoft TechNet so I can do this legally.)

            If i4i prevail and its a problem for too then what about:
            pic|tbl|eqn|troff -ms
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              Thanks for the feed back.
              I upgraded for 2 reasons - so many clients are MS Office users (especially the Pharma companies where any tool has to be strictly validated) and my daughter has a student ID that allowed me to get steep discount.
              I was just interested to hear from others who experienced the learning curve from older versions to 2007 - I did not anticipate such a different interface. I guess I just have to get used to it. I'm encouraged to hear that much can be done w/o mouse!

              Open Office is fine by me - use it on Ubuntu at home.
              Just have to accept that Microsoft is still the de facto standard in business.


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                MS Office 2007 Can't open OOXML

                Originally posted by garvey View Post
                I was just interested to hear from others who experienced the learning curve from older versions to 2007 - I did not anticipate such a different interface.
                It was the official OOXML samples that MS Office can not open.
                It complains that they were created in a older version even though MS Office 2007 is first release based on OOXML. A typical MicroSpeak pop up.

                This is a problem for MS Office users if they attempt to open OOXML created by something other than MS Office such as content produced by a web page.

                Those pharma companies do not evaluate or lock down the SOEs.

                By allowing an insecure platform they are allowing public access to their data.

                By using a self-inconsistent formats different parties we see different documents when they open the same file.

                I think their IT management of those pharma companies may be suffering from side effects of their own dog food. I think I will grow my own.

                The Australian defense minister was spied on by his own department.

                The minister had his emails in Microsoft Windows - Outlook on a machine that could also access the Internet which meant that they were public access.

                It is not just spooks who can spy on you, but any one who cares to.

                It won't be me because I have given up on Microsoft and there is nothing more to prove.

                My last remote cracks of Windows (all done with permission of directors) were a software development test environment (which were re-imaged by booting off CD before the tester came back in) and own pay office.

                The pay office was hilarious. Outlook opened in IPX tunnel over dial up Internet and I could access database via IPX from GNU/Linux 2.0. We have also demonstrated that UUCP transport will not protect a Windows email user.

                None since 2000, but nothing has been fixed and I know the bug fixing fairy won't fix Windows for them.

                Information available to a Windows user is public access. As you intentionally put such information on Windows remote access to that information may not be illegal, but disclosing that information by putting it on Windows in first place may be. (C'th unauthorised access and WA "hacking" as not been tested that much. WA "hacking" is funny read and makes me think of Willow from "Buffy". Circumvention of a computer by witchcraft.)


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                  It took me about a month of using 07 to be really comfortable with it. Everything is there, it's just a matter of figuring out where the hell they put it. And I think, as previously stated, the main annoyance is making sure you save/send .doc and not .docx to others who may not have 07.


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                    Office 07

                    Originally posted by Tman9513 View Post
                    It took me about a month of using 07 to be really comfortable with it. Everything is there, it's just a matter of figuring out where the hell they put it. And I think, as previously stated, the main annoyance is making sure you save/send .doc and not .docx to others who may not have 07.
                    You can set default save format to 97-03, but it forgets the compatibility options, then throws alerts and sets wrong default if you get answer to alert wrong. Back door Billy strikes again!

                    You could make a game based on confusing alert boxes for that genuine Microsoft experience.

                    You may have to save some of these prefs again in each template for them to work. After setting prefs for each app you may then have to open each template and review prefs again and then save the template if broken.

                    The US Letter paper size issue is a serious pain. We have been working hard on printer vendors for a firmware work around. There are three possible actions for US Letter print jobs on a printer without US Letter:
                    1. Crop the side and centre it down the page to fit A4.
                    2. Scale it to fit A4 (not to scale).
                    3. Silently discard (or /dev/null) the job.
                    4. Crashing the printer is not a valid option.

                    We have a few users where we got OEM bundles with laptops W/O downgrade rights and did not feel like paying the additional tax to "downgrade". Also have some Office 08 for Mac. Our small Mac fleet is all OEM and Office 04 is not good on Intel Macs as it burns lots of CPU. NeoOfffice is native Mac port of and builds are available for both POWER and Intel. Apple iWork is only curiosity as we have on both the Unix SOE and Microsoft.

                    It was not Mac that proved to be the thin end of wedge for Microsoft. It was SunRay that broke 50% our desktop some time ago. Hope Oracle look after SunRay as well as compete with IBM in the enterprise Unix and mainframe space. Then there will still be two.