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How do you stop spam

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    How do you stop spam

    I'm assuming you have a microsoft operating system. Try mailwasher, there is a free version to try, you just loose the ability to make permanent lists versus the paid version, mailwasher pro. I began using it about 8 years ago. I only used it a month before I paid them for the pro version. It is the best tool out there. Try it and you will see why.

    I suggest getting the pro version, it is free for 30 days to try, AND a 6 month money-back guarantee IF you find you don't like it

    this is where to download mailwasher, the free version

    this is the 30day trial version of mailwasher pro


    I use Gmail, on online mail service although I'm pretty sure I can get it into Outlook or something. It has excellent spam filters and I barely get any spam, maybe 2 or 3 a day, with the rest going into a special spam folder in case you're missing something. I'm not sure if you can just sign up for it but if you'd like one send me a private message with your e-mail address and I'll send you an invite.
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      I've tried a couple of antispam programs but inevitably the mail still gets to the computer and is sent straight to the deleted items folder or another specific folder created for it. This kind of defeated the purpose of antispam for me because I didn't want it coming to my computer at all. I think it is far better to choose an Internet service provider that has an included antispam filter in the first place. I know some here in Australia charge extra for the antispam filter but the one I'm with doesn't.I switched Internet service providers about eight months ago and the previous one didn't have an antispam filter and the difference is incredible, it was driving me insane. When you have kids using your computer it's pretty embarrassing to have things like "make your penis 2 inches longer" or "unhappy with your 5 inches" etc constantly coming up.


        Palmtrees appears to be a spammer him/herself!

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          Learn how to get the complete headers from the email. Use that along with the message body and report every one of them at . There are different forms for OE and Outlook. If you get a paid account you can get a spamcop email address which you can use to filter throught their blacklists of know spammers.

          If you are buying anything on the internet or signing up for anything I use a Gmail or Yahoo account that I can discard if it begns to get spam. I NEVER use my business or personal emails address except with friends or business associates. If you are sending to multiple friends put your email (the Gmail or Yahoo) in the To: field and the rest in the Bcc:. This cuts down on email harvesting if they forward and don't strip all the addresses out.

          I think I get 1 to 2 a month.


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