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    Media pc

    Anyone use one? If so what kind?

    All the HTPCs I've seen are way overpriced, so I built a simple one. I don't use it for recording, but I use it for storage and playback of mp3s and movies. If that is all you want to do, you can basically use any computer for it.

    Mine was mainly cobbled together from old parts, but I did buy an HDMI graphics card and a Microsoft Media Center remote for it. I use free software called "MediaPortal" for file navigation and playback.


      You may want to check this out...

      I have a Popcorn Hour A-110 with a 1TB hard disk. The hard drive isn't necessary if you're going to stream media from another computer on the network, but with a hard drive installed you can have quite a collection of stuff in a very small standalone package. It's quiet, runs cool, consumes very little power in comparison to a HTPC, supports a lot of different file types, outputs 1080p via HDMI or component, etc. Tech Specs

      My only complaints is that it took two weeks to get after I placed the order (they come direct from China in timed intervals to keep shipping costs down), documentation is weak but if you have any questions there is a very active support forum on their website, and it should support the Hulu Web service as it does just about everything else.

      If you do a search for it on youtube there are a few videos and you can see just how small it is. I didn't bother with the wireless accessory so I can't comment on that, but I have streamed HD Blu-Ray rips across the wired network without any hiccups. It may be something to consider over a HTPC if you're not needing it to also serve as a DVR.


        I second the popcorn hour boxes, I've read a lot of positive reviews. I considered getting one myself except I also wanted to be able to use my media PC as a secondary PC, and I had old parts laying around anyway.

        It would probably be the cheapest/easiest solution if you are buying something new.

        If you want to be able to record TV also, things get quite a bit more expensive and complicated. I settled for a DVR box from my cable company, rather than go through the hassle of trying to get CableCards working.


          I've been running a home theater computer for a long time now. I have over 200 movies on it, most of them in DVD quality and a bunch of them in DVD format, over 1500 songs and I use it as a backup for my laptop. It looks like a piece of stereo equipment and a control it from my laptop wirelessly. If I really wanted to (but I'm a little too lazy) I could set a remote up to it. As far as software I use to organize the movies, I used MediaPortal on Windows XP. I have a remote sensor for it but I've never used it. Instead I control a wirelessly through my laptop.
          Here's a picture of it:

          And here's the system that's attached to:
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            a western digital tv hd media player for $109 might be your cheapest option. and you can get them at best buy.


            kind of like the popcorn, mentioned above, but a lot cheaper and without networking. this will play pretty much whatever media file you throw at it.