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Using a joystick as a mouse

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    Using a joystick as a mouse

    Are there any joystcks with programmable buttons that can be used as a mouse that are compact? Maybe with a knob like my chair?

    I found some 'gaming' ones ...
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    Hey take a look.....

    Hey Big Fish,
    I have a programmable joystick,not really too compact but its flat and can be strapped down with velcro..REALLY programmable.
    Hope that is of use to you.

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      Joystick Plus

      I use a 'Joystick Plus' on my Mac.

      I don't know if the button functions can be changed but it has all the buttons I need on it.

      You can have keyguard on or off, the buttons are (from the top one) direction control... up/down only or left/right only, (switch between them to help you get cursor to get the right way - if you need it, not on as default) right click, left click, double click, drag lock and speed.

      It comes with a switch box so it you cant manage the buttons on the actual joystick you can attach switches. I just have one switch which i have in left click position as i find if i hold it down with forearm it also does same as drag lock whilst I move joystick with other arm.

      I dont use double click much been on a Mac and my dwellclicker left clicks automatically a single time so if I click switch once just as dwellclicker is doing it it goes through as a double click on the rare occasion I need one.

      Sometimes I put a switch in the up/down or left/right, if I am doing something that needs a lot of fine control and slow it right down as my main difficulty is Fine Motor Co-ordination.

      Joystick comes with a standard joystick and T-bar and 'softknob' attachment options. I mainly use T-bar attachment but found I can steer it by resting forearm on it or with my foot (with joystick placed on floor and 'softknob' on) if my hands/arms are very painful.

      They are around £289 (or equivalent) but if you in UK you can get them through AIDIS Trust and get it at reduced price if you send proof of DLA and VAT exemption.


        i use pinnacle game profiler. its a program that maps buttons from a joystick to keyboard or mouse. you can set it up for games, or have a constant profile, where it stays on all the time.
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