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Question about lithium ion batteries

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  • Question about lithium ion batteries

    I don't know if anybody can help me but I am confused about batteries

    I have a new gps unit-camera thing that I am trying to find a power solution to.

    It takes either a lithium ion (li-ion) rechargable battery pack or 3 "aaa" batteries. My mom checked a few places yesterday and apparently nobody carries the li-ion batteries. Or at least non of the places she checked (stores that sell electronics, cameras, etc). So I ended up just buying some rechargable Energizer nickel-metal hydride aaa batteries. Which don't seem to work very well in the gps as they run down very quickly, which is not really feasible as it means having to recharge and cart around a box of batteries whenever I plan to use the unit. I would like to find batteries that actually last...

    I am unfamiliar with buying li-ion batteries because anything I have that uses them came with the battery included. This gps didn't. So my questions are (if anybody can answer any of them, I would be very appreciative):

    1. Is there a big difference in terms of battery life between li-ion and nickel metal hydride?

    2. Where does one buy li-ion batteries? I can order them from the website of the gps manufacturer but I am going on a trip this weekend so I would like to find some sooner than waiting for an online order.

    3. If I was going to stick with rechargable aaa batteries, what brands have the best life? The Energizer ones I bought weren't exactly cheap but seem to be crap.


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    You said "battery pack", so the mfr means to either use their pack, or, normal aaa batts.

    Unfortunately, the throw away aaa's pack more/longer power than the rehargables, so sounds like this gps draws a lot of power, and the recharges can't keep up.

    For this trip, I would try Duracell/Energizer normals. Maybe try some today and see if it lasts longer. LiI rechargables do last much longer than NiMH batts, but if I was going to invest in them, I would get the mfr batt pack.
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      The trick is about capacity. Try the one with capacity above 850mAh. The maximum capacity for AAA type battery is 1250mAh. Near the 1250, is better. As expected, the higher is the capacity, the longer is the run time.

      I had a very good experience with Sanyo 900mAh AAA NiMH on a mp3 player, and Sanyo 2700 mAh AA NiMH on a photo ap.

      So, you will need rechargeable and not alkaline batteries. This means you will need also a battery charger. After 2-3 formats(full use of the batteries ) you will take all the power from them. Also, avoid quick chargers as they can prematurely age your batteries.

      As far I know Sanyo and Powerex are the big names in rechargeable battery types.

      (4 battery pack = 14.84$) Sanyo 1,000 mAh AAA NiMH

      good luck
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        These might do the trick until you can find the proper batt. pack, they last seven times longer than normal AAAs, I'm sure you can buy them over the counter in Calgary.


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          Wow thank you mcduff, cypress, and Timaru. I didn't realize how little I knew about batteries, rechargable or not, until I read the replies. You have all been very helpful. Many thanks!