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    'More Than Words'

    If anyone is particularly interested in Assistive Technology and/or AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) for people without/or losing speech, I have a small support group called 'More Than Words'.

    The aim is to provide people with information about what is out there so we can make informed choices without having salesmen trying to con us that their product is best for our needs. This has happened to me a few times in the past 7 years and in every instance their product was NOT my best option.

    I think if we empower ourselves with knowledge of what's out there and what we can make work for us (depending on our type/level of disability) they will be forced to bring their prices down and make AT and Communication Aids more affordable for those who need them.

    Often, especially if your disability is at the milder end of the spectrum a combination of Freeware's could well serve your purpose or alternatives such as large keys keyboard which Amazon sell for around £17 and specialist disability sites charge around £99-£150 for. (in UK)

    For more details check out my group:

    I try to cater for all ages and levels of disability and there are links to information for getting funding from other countries as well and how to get equipment via Medicare (US).

    I cover items from switch adapted toys for children, eye gaze, communication aids, hands free technology for computers and gaming as well as things like keyguards and word prediction, keyboards for users of mouth sticks/head pointing devices plus full colour photographs of equipment available.