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Visage HCI - Control the mouse with a webcam

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  • Visage HCI - Control the mouse with a webcam

    I just ran across Visage HCI while browsing SourceForge, and it looks like it could be useful.

    Visage is a human computer interface that aims to replace the traditional mouse with the face. Using a webcam and Visage the movement of the face becomes the movement of the mouse pointer. Left/right Eye blinks fire left/right mouse click events.
    The program is written in Java, so it should run on most platforms.

    I can't test it because I don't have a webcam, but this could be useful for high quads and people with locked-in syndrome.'s worse than we thought. it turns out the people at the white house are not secret muslims, they're nerds.

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    iNavigate for Mac

    There's also one for Mac called iNavigate that uses built in iSight camera, however i have had difficulties with it. Moving head all over place and cursor isnt moving.. lol!

    Maybe someone else can figure it out better, there is a tutorial video but I'm deaf and the guy talking is chinese so I found it hard to follow.

    Here's link:


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      Theres other shareware out there that does this Camera Mouse is one, its a neat idea but the cursor is really bouncy and one has to move their head quite a lot , you'd get better functionality out of something like the Smart Nav or another head pointer.