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    Computer from bed

    I was wondering what might be the best way to set up a computer to be used while in bed, with consideration given to the following information.

    My husband is concerned that his use of a computer from bed will disturb my sleep (his sleep is already disturbed).

    I think a computer would be less intrusive than having the TV on all night (and better than me having to use the TV remote in my sleep, which I'm quite good at now, except for when I press my belly button instead of the channel button).

    He's a night owl, and I'm an early-to-bed early-to-rise person. I feel somewhat guilty that I chase him off the computer to go to bed before I fall asleep. He says his best programming time occurs in the late hours during which he (usually) has no access to a computer.

    His needs his monitor brighter than most (i.e. brighter than his mate's monitors).

    Wearing glasses to bed is not a problem, but may affect size and location of a VDU.

    When in his chair, he uses a trackball with his chin. His USB trackball will drop its ball if turned upsidedown.

    Lowest controlled movement is very little biceps, no triceps.

    His side of the bed cannot be raised independently to mine.

    I'm often somewhat asleep when helping him to bed, so something very easy to set up (or permanently in place but not in the way) would be a good idea.

    So I'm looking for ideas from people more computerish than me that won't let him argue that I'll be negatively affected if he uses a computer in bed.

    see this thread. Maybe it can help you.

    When i was a "healthy" person my best hours of programming were on nights. Now I keep a PDA with me for the white nights just for reading, notes, listen audio books and check email. Watching movies on a PDA is not a good deal in my opinion.

    Let's see others opinion.
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      i use a laptop in bed all the time. also my ipod with audiobooks. altho no hubby, i cannot imagine this bothering anybody. i use earbuds.

      if light is disturbing to partner, try eye pillow. i love them.
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        Thanks for the link to that other thread. (Not surprisingly) There's some useful stuff there. If we find a mutually agreeable system I'll post how it works out.


          Originally posted by felicita
          Thanks for the link to that other thread. (Not surprisingly) There's some useful stuff there. If we find a mutually agreeable system I'll post how it works out.
          As stated in the thread I started I believe the key is what kind of input device(keyboard and mouse) you use. The computer and screen is easy.

          I love the Logitech diNovo Mini seen here:

          Prop it up and use a mouthsick and it will be great.

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            I always use my computer in bed. Here's a similar thread you may find helpful.
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              I use my laptop in bed ith one of these tables, works great.



                If light from a monitor is a concern, I wonder if one of those privacy filters might help, I think they might in the light from an angle.


                  One thing about glasses is you have to be sitting almost straight up. When I tried my glasses in bed, even sitting up 1/2-3/4 way it was still hard to use because you're looking out the bottom part like bi-focals. chin-trackball? hmm try looking at
                  SmartNav 4 expensive, but very well worth it. Dragon NaturallySpeaking for voice control, get IRCommand2 and a USB-UIRT to control the TV/DVD/etc..

                  Good luck
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                    oh, that laptop table is cool I need one. I use a laptop in bed. my sweetie isn bothered by it, but the heat from the laptop gets to me. ive had a lot of bed time due to issues so cant sleep as well at nite.


                      Bed Side PC, All-in-One PC, Touch Screen.

                      I know this topic is Old but some one may have found it and would like some updated solutions. I would go with one of these All-in-one PCs and use an Arm mount or wall mount. No wires or laptop charger and its touch screen.

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                        Any other ideas


                          Hi This is my thing

                          A few years ago I had a take ot rwsturant and I had & I have thise fiberglass serving trays .
                          Becausee I like my dinosaur laptop I place my old laptop ontop of the Targus Chill pad usb and then put both of these on my old food serving tray on my lap in bed no burns or heat and itworks for me .


                            I have only used my laptop in bed a couple of times. The easiest way I found was to put the computer on a bedside stand and use a wireless keyboard. It is easy to move and position and there is no heat problem. There are a lot of them out there and they are not real expensive. Some have a track ball or other pointing device built into them.
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                              This is my setup from bed

                              BTW, how do I embed the picture in the post?