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new macbook. what now?

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    what can i do to fully take advantage of my macbook.

    ive just found out bout apple tv...Sh** thats frekin awesome, i might buy one! is there any other secrets u guys are keeping from me! hehe...macjst keeps gtn better everyday!

    so if u got any other thing to share, please do!

    why is there storage on the apple tv? im confused? i thort everythings is streamed from ur mac! zeus u have 1, wats the low dwn
    The best way to predict the future is to invent it.


      Why storage, so you don't need to use a computer.

      I use a Dlink DSM 320, an TVersity as a server. Theyre both basically the same, ecept apple gets itunes, so to me, its A mute issue. I don't use itunes, ever..


        hmm so u can access media files from ur macbook on apple tv n stream it on your tv? does microsoft have something similar? wats ur setup? tversity as a server? explain really tryna setup a wireless theartre if possible or some kind of theartre with my macbook..i hate wires n cords extending across my living room to my mac!

        so with apple tv u can access the net from there n watch stuff straight from it?.from my understanding youll have to convert evrything to itunes format to watch on apple tv which would comprimise quality! sucky!hmmmmm
        The best way to predict the future is to invent it.


          Yha, these are media servers.

          You connect throught your network, via a "server" and using the ATV, or xbox or other devices remote, you browes and play, music, video and pictures on your tv.

          As i said, xboxs, ps3s can do it too. I have a Dlink, qand can access shared files on my computer, via a server program called TVersity... Works for any mediaplayer. Using TVersity, It does the converting of the files, so its much better than the makers programs, and a better computer, you can stream high quality stuff.

          My Dlink has its own preprogramed nt places, but tversity also allows you to put your own. I canwatch certain yuotube stuff by default.

          Unfortunately, most cant do dvds yet, so it has to be ripped, but it is designed for making home threatre/media centers.

          Doa google search for mediaplayers, and you'll find theres many models in all prices.
 has info on alot of different brands.



            I have Microosft Office for Mac. It was not a good purchase and makes your Mac lame like a PeeCee. For a small fee you can have iWork which is 100% Mac.

            You can crack MS Office files without adding support form Microsoft Macro Viruses that Microsoft Office for Mac adds.

            Free software such as those enjoyed by GNU/Linux users can also be used on what is essentially a Unix System.

            OpenOSX NeoOffice


              Apple uses QuickTime as its native video codec. MP4, mov, m4p, x.264, they will run without any outside additions. All this is moved over to Apple TV. Divx is available for the Mac, go ahead and download that. Handbrake will solve all your conversion problems from DVDs onto your Mac and transferred over to Apple TV. Apple TV is not going to play your avi files. Kind of sucks, but you can always get a Sling box and watch everything on your computer on your television without worrying about your codec. It's a simple WiFi transmission hooked up to your TV. Piece of cake.

              Have fun
              Steve C.
              S. Florida


                cart before horse

                Originally posted by Patonb View Post
                Yes, virus and spyware are writen to run in windows...
                No, it is Microsoft Windows that is written to run virus and spyware.