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    Why cant I find a bed where the head elevates to 90 degrees? Is there one out there?

    The current electric bed head elevates only to 70 degress. Caregiver (my mom) uses cushions to get his head elevated all the way to 90 degree so it is easy for her to brush my dads teeth and lean him fwd to get the water out... If left at 70 he swallows most of the dirty water & the toothpaste.


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    The only way to get a hospital bed to 90 degrees is to get one with a "seat" feature or use the reverse Trendeleberg feature (if it has one) in combination with head of bed (HOB) elevation. Most hospital beds do not have head elevation over 70 degrees as it can be unsafe for those with poor trunk support.

    Of course sitting up in bed with the head more than 30 degrees is really bad for your sacral skin as it causes a lot of shearing. Whenever possible, ADLs such as eating, grooming, hygiene, etc. should be done up in a wheelchair, not in bed. People without triceps are much more functional in their chairs than in bed as well. Sitting up to watch TV, etc. should be limited to no more than 30 degrees.

    Most of my clients quickly learn how to squirt dirty tooth cleaning water back out a straw into another cup or basin if they must brush their teeth in bed (even when completely flat).

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