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Aide expectations - Am I being unreasonable?

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    I guess the rules are different in different states. My original point was that I do what is asked of me, and that I wouldn't tell a client no.


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      Originally posted by SCI-Nurse
      Sure it is. Tons of people (SCI and AB) hire people to do those things for them. Many PCAs contract to do those things as well. If you can afford it, why not?

      We teach a PCA course twice annually. What we teach (and repeat over and over) is that the amount of assistance the PCA provides is what is mutually negotiated with the employer ahead of time, or renegotiated during employment (in the contract). This is using the independent living model rather than the medical or rehabilitation model. Again, this person is hired to follow your direction and assist you. They are not there to tell you what to do. You establish your own priorities, not them.

      If you would rather spend your available energy playing with your dog (or your kids) rather than struggling to put your slacks on yourself (and then get up exhausted), that is your decision....not theirs. Of course it is important to do what you can for yourself, but if that results in you being too tired (or too late) to get to work or school or do other meaningful activities, that is not to your advantage either.

      The nurse is absolutely correct, and I have hired pcas for 23 years now. Longest was with me 16 years. You are hiring her as a aid, to assist you in what you see fit. Usually to avoid problems, you should cover what you expect, and what generally are the duties of the job before you hire her. That generally can avoid problems that may occur. If she/he continues to tell you what b you can do yourself, let her know politely you will be compensating her from now on with just the tasks she completes.