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Starting school, need an aid

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  • Starting school, need an aid

    My brother (c5/c6) will be starting back at high school shortly. Was wondering if anyone had any advice on finding an aid that could be at school with him. They would need to go around with him, help him with his books etc and possibly if necessary do intermittent cathing though that is not definite. Does anyone have any suggestions on where we should look/could find a suitable person for this.


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    Does he have an IEP or health care plan? Is so, the school district would provide this as part of his IEP/Health Care plan. The school nurse can also do the IC if ordered by a physician.

    Contact the school immediately.
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      The school is a private school. We met with them today and they more or less told us that if there was to be an aid it would have to be provided by the family, hence the problem of trying to find one.

      Thanks anyways Cheesecake, just frustrated here...


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        private or not the school district you live in should pay for the PCA for your family member.

        It would seem odd that the school directs you to hire someone. Would you be required to do a criminal background check as this person you hire will be in the school?

        He needs an IEP.
        He may need more time to take a test. State tests? This is to be written in the IEP. Will he use a laptop and specialized software?

        you may want to contact

        on a side note why does he need someone with him all the time?
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          We are in the same situation as Connololly, except we live in northern California. We transferred our daughter from a public to a private school and feel lost re 504, etc. It was recommended that we hire a private attroney to ensure that bannisters and other safety messures are installed.


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            I agree about the school providing the aides. In fact in out town, the bidgets have been cut so much, that usually the only teacher aides that are hired, are those that provide 1-1 assistance to disabled students. He definately needs and iep. I don;t think that provate schools are in any way exempt from this. Its sounds like you may need to be more assertive here.
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