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My poor small boy

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    Best of luck to SB Ami. I know he'll bounce back quick. I remember that I quit worrying about my son's recovery from a surgery several years ago the first time I had to yell at him to slow down. Hugs and prayers to all of you...
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      prayers for you and C and healing hands for small boy!
      looks dashing in the Foster Grants!!


        In the name of your son Jesus, God please heal Ami's son and give him the best of health and happiness. AMEN! Ami, I wish you the best and please give the little guy a big hug from me.



          Our prayers are with you for small boy... may he heal quickly!



            I'll pray for the little fella. (Am not good at prayer, though) I wish him speedy recovery, though. The young ones bounce back fast.
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              Best of luck to you and your son...what a cute kid
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                Praying for y'all!

                hugs prayers love and God bless...



                  My prayers for small boy anty
                  Be always determined in Life and Love



                    Thoughts and prayers for your little one and you. All the best making it through this.
                    get busy living or get busy dying


                      I'm sending some positive thoughts your way.


                        Keeping my fingers crossed for you and SB.


                          Ami I hope everthing went well at SB's dr. appointment today. My prayers and well wishes are with you and SB.
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                            Ami, so sorry to hear about your angel's health problems. Isis and I are keeping him in our prayers every night.

                            Keep us updated please. Hang on in there.

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                                We are also thinking of your family and praying for the little one (as well as the rest of the family.) I have been feeling so sorry for myself with a massive sinus infection/polyps/headache for over a month and I must say that your post was a real eye-opener. The little guy has been through so much and continues to smile and I doubt he has a bit of self-pity... I could learn a lesson or two from him His smile sure lights up a room. With all the positive attitutes and thoughts, he will get through this and come out smiling like a champ too. Keep us updated!

                                P.S. Artsyguy, there is no such as thing as being bad at praying, in my opinion. Your way is just as good as anyone else's