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Don's first trip to Vegas a success!!

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    Don's first trip to Vegas a success!!

    Wel;... Don's first trip out of town since his injury was a success... I took him with me to Vegas for a convention. We were away for 4 days.... Some notable moments!

    1. When he was getting out of the airplane aisle chair (the one they move him onto and off the plane with) he fell off the chair! OMG I thought I was going to die... but Don took it in stride and they lifted him successfully from the floor to his chair. The results was some road rash on his right hip.

    2. We had to do his bowel program in bed and we forgot the magic bullets... we don't usually use them but we sure needed them. We didn't order a commode chair/shower chair and even though the room was wheelchair accessible, the toilet was not conducive to doing a program.... so Don was Mr. constipation.... he kept eating and nothing was coming out and I thought he would explode!

    3. He wheeled all over the place, all over the strip and in a manual chair... The carpets in Vegas are brutal but he got a good workout. No accidents. He did want to run people over but he behaved himself!

    4. We saw cirque de soliel's "O" and loved it.... the food was great and he even had a martini...

    So... we're home safe and sound and glad to be back....

    What have we learned??

    1. Bring magic bullets and order a commode/shower chair.

    We may actually travel again... and it was a good experience... Don never thought he was ever travel anywhere when he was in rehab and what do ya know... he did it!


    That is SO great sieg!! I'm so happy it went well. I have to tell you about an airplane trip .... when two of the airline goons transferred him - quite inelegantly, Chad's pants fell COMPLETELY down around his ankles ... I wasn't there then but it sure makes me giggle to think of it! I have decided that on our trip must have list will be strong suspenders.

    How was "O"? I so much want to see that!!
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      Congratulations Sieg. First trip is always the hardest.


        Congrats.Keep it up.Have some fun.
        Be yourself!!!
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          That's cool. I want to go to Las Vegas sometime.


            My first trip was to Vegas also and now I live here. Southwest one time had a bright idea to use a new sling (mesh with built in handles) to transfer me instead of the isle chair. The assured me they had great success with it and used it all the time with bigger people than me. So after they dropped me on the floor and had to lift me into my chair, I notice they don't use the sling any more...

            Way to go man keep traveling, cruises are cool to!!!


              Way to go! Glad you both had a good time.

              Every trip/vacation will be a learning experience, but don't let the snags discourage you. Just stay positive, smile and plan your next adventure!


                Very cool, we have yet to make an airline trip. I'm so glad you had a good time. Deb


                  Thanks Guys!


                  O was great...Don's pants stayed up by some miracle with all the transfers he did. The food was fantastic... we were sooooo naughty! But we came home and Don did a BP and had a very good session so now his pants fit again!

                  That is cool darty... We would love to live in Vegas because it is so accessible. The Frontier airline people were great and very caring... Don wanted to get off the plane right away when we got where we were going but of course we had to wait until all the passengers were off... it was wierd waiting.

                  It was scary for Don to fly... he said that if we had to evacuate the plane that I should "save" myself and leave him there! I said that I would just fling him over my shoulder and drag him off the plane if need be! It's like those little old ladies who you hear lifted pianos or cars to save people!



                    LOL Sieg, we talk about fires in the house and I told Chad that I would get my son out first and then I'd be back for him ... like it or not!
                    Wife of Chad (C4/5 since 1988), mom of a great teenager


                      Don took his manual chair but wished he had his power chair because the carpets are like quicksand... He's strong but I had to help him near the end of the trip.

                      I know that Frontier and United have no weight limits for wheelchairs. Maybe a letter from your doc explaining the medical necessity? I can't believe that they would not let you take it... we had a friend, a C3-4 quad who brought his powerchair with no prolems on United.


                        Originally posted by SuzyQisforquad
                        I was planning my first trip this Christmas but was told by the airline that my power chair exceeded the cargo weight limit and I could not take it.
                        What airline was this? You need to look into this a bit further. Unless you are talking about flying on a particularly small aircraft which has a cargo hold that is physically too small to accomodate your power chair, I think you got screwed.

                        Start here:



                          Travelling, for me, is the greatest sense of freedom. It makes me feel more like me than anything else. (After the annual bluegrass festival in Winfield KS LOL)

                          Congratulations to both of you for getting him out there! It IS a challenge. Travel always had the potential for misadventure, and now it's even more so. Persist at it, though, and your systems fall into place, you learn what you need and what you don't.

                          He'll learn to direct people so they don't dump him off the aisle chair too! I bet his helpers were terrified! Sure glad that was okay, a year from now he'll laugh about it.
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                            I have been meaning to comment in this thread for several days. That is fantastic that the trip went so well! Hopefully this is the first of many great trips to come.

                            The females in my family have been talking about a girls-only jaunt to Las Vegas for several years. We haven't gotten around to it yet. I must admit that I am curious to visit there.


                              Thanks everyone!


                              I have been to Vegas with girlfriend before and it was great! You should definately put it on your list!